Mandala Yoga Wheel Natural Cork Massage Wheel Back Bend Pilates Yoga Circle For Yoga Pose Roller For Stretching Flexibility

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Bullet Points:

1、The Necessity of Yoga And Stretching: Our wheels can provide you with powerful support for yoga postures, stretching and bending, improving your flexibility and balance and reducing your stress and tension. They are suitable for anyone, regardless of his or her health level.
2、High Quality: It provides maximum support for challenging postures and can withstand weights in excess of about 200kg.
3、Super Useful Props: The yoga wheel was originally designed to help increase flexibility and exercise. It is the perfect fitness prop for yoga. It is a beginner’s back stretcher. Many customers tell us that it is relieving the back and chest. It is very useful in terms of pain and pressure on the shoulders, so we strongly recommend it to patients with back pain and breastfeeding mothers.
4、Going Further: Open the back, chest, buttocks and shoulders in the most beneficial way!
5、Environmentally Friendly Materials: Our wheel supports are made of TPE foam and are environmentally friendly. Unlike other products wrapped in PVC or EVA, the mat has grip and maintains a good original shape, soft and comfortable, and can be between shoulder to waist or underfoot. Rolling; helps stretch and release tension and muscle tension in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.

Name: Cork Yoga Wheel
Size (approx.): diameter 33cm/12.99in, width 13cm/5.12in.
Wheel wall thickness: about 1.4cm/0.55in
Product material: PU + rubber + PE
Color: bright black, wood pattern
Pattern: Mandala Flower
Weight: about 1500g
Maximum load: about 200kg

Packing List:

1*yoga wheel

Model Number:
Yoga wheel
Type 1:
Yoga Wheel
Type 2:
Cork Yoga Wheel
Mandala Flower

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